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    Whether you realize it or not, you have likely been under the spell of one of Tacoma’s most talented conjurers.  One of what I consider to be the ‘original’ grity Tacoma artists.  Among names like Oliver Doriss, Daniel Blue, and Jeremy Gregory- Kris Crews of Crews Creative has paid his dues.  Succeeding at sustaining as a professional artist in any city is difficult, through the years Kris has navigated his way through conventional employment with prestigious entities such as Microsoft, but in the end chose the opportunity to help shape the future of our beloved small town cited too many benefs to disregard.

    creative-house-300x300 Crews Creative Video ProductionCrews Creative has been providing much of the area’s finest video production and photography for many of the region’s most prestigious brands for nearly 4 years.  It isn’t close to about the money for Kris, but instead what I perceive to be his pursuit of performing, succeeding, and supporting local creation and entrepreneurship alike.  As the exclusive photographer of Spaceworks Tacoma, Kris is seated quite literally at the center of rising artistry in the region.

    Spaceworks is a non-profit that makes Tacoma culturally vibrant and economically strong through training and support for artists and creative entrepreneurs.


    Located downtown, boasting prime location adjacent to ally Chamber of Commerce, Spaceworks provides physical workspace for creatives and artists to create, perform, and learn.  From communal workspace at 1120 to the Spaceworks art gallery next door, to the omni-present demand for high quality video content in a time where YouTube is more popular than TV- Kris has had the opportunity to be a part of many locals’ development, both personally as a supportive member of the community, and professionally by way of providing leadership.

    What makes Crews special?

    Speaking with Crews, you’ll quickly find he is a gifted communicator.  Very observant, he skillfully navigates conversation to determine your position.  As the poking and prodding continues on you begin to realize that Mr. Crews is reading far between the lines.  Perceiving your priorities, ancitipating your goals, he’s able to assume the position of your perspective. From this vantage, not 30 minutes after meeting him for the first time, he peels from your mind the first line of a narrative.


    Bo Drogmund

    Creative Colloquy, Tacoma WA
    default Crews Creative Video Production
    Creative Colloquy, Tacoma W...


    default Crews Creative Video Production
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