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    VIBE – UW

    Veterans Incubator for Better Entrepreneurship

    VIBE, or Veterans Incubator for Better Entrepreneurship

    the VIBE taps into several regional assets—motivated veterans, a supportive community, a university setting—with the goal of supporting students as they learn about entrepreneurship and turn their ideas into viable businesses.

    The Veterans Incubator for Better Entrepreneurship (VIBE) provides military veterans, and military spouses the education, resources, and supportive environment to use their natural inclinations and skills to innovate and create their own professional lanes through entrepreneurship.

    Tom_home_slider VIBE - UWThrough purposeful instruction, heavily based in sustainable education, veterans are able to have their aptitudes and abilities facilitated in a way that helps them to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs, with the ability to take their own ideas and turn them into sustainable businesses that they can manage on their own, continuing their service on the civilian sector. Through the program veterans are given opportunities to mastermind with other creative, entrepreneurial-minded people, network with investors, and meet potential business partners, all while acquiring the knowledgebase that’s going to allow them to turn their ideas into scalable business systems. VIBE utilizes entrepreneurs’ natural inclinations toward leadership, innovation, problem solving – the ability to see things through without ideal resources – all qualities that make for excellent entrepreneurs.

    By focusing on the practical knowledge aspect of entrepreneurship, the dynamic, fluctuating nature of military families additionally allows for business structures to sustain, despite changing conditions. Entrepreneurship addresses and solves the problem of needing to find employment repeatedly due to relocation. When the practical education is handled, the ability to manage their work, regardless of the effect that changing locational demands can come from a life with military incorporation.


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