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    Tiago Viernes is the Toughest 12th Man on the Planet #TiagoStrong

    Tiago is the Toughest 12th man on the Planet. He is a 2 year old fighting Neuroblastoma.  As you prove again to be the most passionate team in sports, please consider lending just a small bit of encouragement to Tiago, and his family, who would appreciate it very much.  You can cheer for Tiago in the comments below, or receive a #TiagoStrong 12th Man Seahawks Decal for donating to Tiago’s family to help afford the cost of treatment, all proceeds are going to Tiago’s family.
    russell-wilson-300x212 Tiago Viernes is the Toughest 12th Man on the Planet #TiagoStrong


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    • Essie

      Tiago is the bravest little two year old I know, he is so strong and a tough little man. We continue to pray for him. Love you Tiago & God bless you & your family.❤️❤️????

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