Veteran’s Day – Spread awareness about this PTSD treatment that saves lives

    all eagle's oscar

    It is with great pride this Veteran’s Day, we are able to present a small sign of appreciation to those who have served our country.

    Our latest design is flashy enough to proudly wear the Stars and Stripes and realistic enough to offer a reminder of the sacrifices our troops have made.

    As an example of the new direction for the 253 heart, we will be utilizing the recognition of the brand to raise funds towards local charitable causes for the benefit of those in the community in greatest need.

    All proceeds realized from the Stars & Stripes “253Wartorn” decals will be donated to All Eagle’s Oscar Foundation, a special operations veteran run organization dedicated to healing warriors that suffer from mental and physical conditions, as a result of war. Their special operations experience and years of advocating for wounded warriors has allowed them to be on the forefront of cutting edge therapies and best practices.

    These funds will be used to support the Brain Treatment Center, a company from California who has led by example, opening a Seattle location at Swedish hospital and invest their time and resources into the phenomenal non-invasive and pro-bono MeRT treatment to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Traumatic Brain Injury patients.




    From the All Eagle’s Website: “The call-sign, “All Eagles Oscar” refers to the callout we all wish to hear following combat operations. Prior to leaving the battlefield final head counts are taken. Over communications headsets we all hope to hear “All Eagles Oscar”, meaning all of us, “Eagles”, are OK, and headed back to base. This call out refers to the visible injuries we can sustain on the battlefield, however often times it is the invisible burdens that alter our Warrior’s lives along with their families who are valiantly serving along side them.”

    For more information, please visit All Eagles Oscar’s website.

    BTC hopes to expand to Pierce County in the near future.  With 21 veterans committing suicide per day, Seattle is worth the drive to potentially save the life of someone you know.  Co-author of this article, Nic Naccarato can personally attest, as he was a patient in this treatment.

    Thank you, Brain Treatment Center and All Eagles Oscar!

    Thank you for your service, troops.

    You can purchase the Wartorn253 decal here

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