UPDATE: Rene Hamlet Wins Miss US World


    1a 5/29 – Rene won the Miss Us World – stay tuned for podcast interview to follow.

    Rene Krystle-Hamlet

    Rene is a Washington native and model preparing for competing in the Ms US World.  Rene approaches the stage confident, attending the event having previously won the Ms. West Coast World 2017

    rene-krystle-hamlet UPDATE:  Rene Hamlet Wins Miss US World

    Rene has paid mind toward developing her portfolio, established herself as a well-versed digital entrepreneur, and has also maintained a grounded, philanthropic approach to much of the way she spends her time.  Congratulations to Rene for winning the Ms West Coast 2017, and we can’t help but think you’re an excellent choice to win it all at the Ms US World!

     Ms. US World

    “Ms. World encourages and empowers the women of today.  Providing each candidate the opportunity for personal growth, self-expression and development – through stage presence, public speaking and international travel opportunities we recognize women’s strengths and accomplishments.  With integrity, strong moral values, and promoting intelligent women of today Ms. World provides unique opportunities for all women to achieve their goals.”

    Rene’s Ms US World Announcement

    I am so proud to announce that I have been crowned Ms. West Coast World 2017 and will represent the West Coast in the 2017 Ms.

    US World and Ms. World Pageant to be held at the Everett Performing Arts Center in Everett Washington.  The mission of the pageant is to empower women across the nation by:
    * Celebrating their accomplishments.
    * Encouraging involvement in community service.
    * Promoting, honoring & advancing the status of women.


    Ms. World Pageants highly value community service and each contestant champions a social issue that is important to her. As a child, I had many ear infections that have subsequently impaired my hearing somewhat. My aunt has sudden hearing loss in her left ear, which is very frustrating for her. Her supervisor at her job displayed impatience at my aunt’s disability and made a hostile working environment that my aunt found too difficult to work in. My aunt has become mostly housebound because of the mistreatment she has received from people not understanding her challenges with hearing loss. The issues with my aunt and my own hearing broadened my awareness of the deficit of public understanding and tolerance about deafness. Because of this I have chosen to work with charities to help preserve, protect, and promote the civil, human and linguistic rights of deaf and hard of hearing individuals.

    With your sponsorship, I can help make these dreams a reality.

    I am in need of sponsors to help me achieve my goal of becoming the next Ms. US World. I would be honored to have you as one of my sponsors. My total entry fee is $500 and any donation would help. Your donation is considered a business expense & is therefore, tax deductible!

    Rene Hamlet

    rene-hamlet-2 UPDATE:  Rene Hamlet Wins Miss US World

    Special Sponsorship

    When Rene told us she is currently pursuing sponsorships with a limited amount of time before the big day, we couldn’t help but give her a hand.

    Rene would like to provide a reputable company with a public appearance.  In support of her goal, the Naccarato Network will include a donated press kit and short video featuring professional video production.  


    Best of Luck in all your endeavors, Rene- we’re cheering for you!  Sponsors – please click the Sponsor button below to make arrangements, and if you’d like to speak in regards to an appearance at your event- please click the ‘Contact’ button!


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