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    German photographer Johannes Mueller to tour West Coast US


    Conflict photographer Johannes Mueller has partnered with an American veteran and marketing strategist Nic Naccarato to take his stunning photography on the road from Munich to the West Coast of the US.

    Johannes met Nic Nacarrato when he was embedded with Nic’s deployment in 2012. With Nic’s marketing expertise they have been able to bring Traces of Hope to a far reaching audience in North America with U.S. tour making stops in Tacoma, Washington and Austin, Texas. The Traces of Hope collection and others by Johannes Muller can be viewed at Johannes’ website featuring his photography. The website was alsoborn of collaboration between Mueller and Naccarato; of which the Cascadia Catalyst is responsible for all digital marketing, communications, and public affairs involving the project in North America.

    Johannes’ photography featuring a comprehensive glance on Kurdistan will be on display at Gallerie am Maxmonument beginning January 12 and ending February 7. The exhibit is a collection of photographs taken while visiting the region in 2016. With his work, Johannes immerses his audience into the Kurdish world. As they ceaselessly defend their land and culture, their hope and strength triumphs the devastation created by war.

    Norwegian born, Johannes’ interest in geopolitics and global security has led him into conflict zones on multiple occasions. He was with NATO forces in Afghanistan as an embedded journalist in both 2011 and 2012. He was at the Hindukush on his own in 2013 in the pursuit of finding good news in Afghanistan. Most recently, he went to Kurdistan to discover Traces of Hope. “I personally believe in the good, the considerate, the reflected perspective and what it can do. Or what it can prevent from happening. I strongly believe that our world needs more positive impulses. By media, by word-of-mouth. Therefore I want to contribute in my limited range to make the world a little brighter.” Johannes writes.

    Kurdistan is a autonomous region that spans parts of Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey with it’s own military, the Pershmega. The Pershmega and other Kurdish forces from neighboring countries have been waging war on terror since 2014 allied with the U.S. and coalition Military. Interesting to Johannes is the region’s ability to persist with it’s steadfast religious and ethnic tolerance, and it’s equal treatment of woman, in a place surrounded by a rather traditional environment. Delineated in his photographs are a brave people who have not faltered when pressed by opposition, but have been a beacon of light in the Middle East.


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