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    How to Set Your New Years Intentions Step by Step

    How to set intentions for Solstice or the New Year. Needed: 3×5 cards, writing utensil, other art supplies optional.

    1) Reflect upon the past year. Then, on the first card write down all your accomplishments.

    2 ) On a second card write down all the things that you want to let go of like negative attitudes, beliefs, actions, toxicity, etc.

    3) Take the third card and write down your intentions for the new year. These may range from big things to little things. Visualize them and feel them. BUT, you cannot attach yourself to the outcome! Set the intention but leave room for the unexpected.

    4) Next, flip the card over and write down what actions you can take to help move things along. You might simply need to create more room for new opportunities to come. Sometimes, through writing we discover intentions we did not know we had.

    Be creative with your intentions. Make a collage, write a song, decorate an old box, paint inspiring words on rocks. The possibilities are endless…


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