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    Art Battle – The Inspiration for Lettuce

    Lettuce-Logo-300x300 Art Battle - The Inspiration for LettuceLettuce was originally inspired by an international live competitive painting event called Art Battle. Canadians Chris Pemberton, and Simon Plashk started the event in 2000 at the Great Hall in Toronto, ON. The event started out small with only 70 people attending the second Art Battle, but by the 8th event there were 300 attendees. Currently, Art Battle hosts monthly events in 50 cities worldwide. They also organize national competitions for the winners of each regional Art Battle. They host events in cities ranging from New York, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Madrid, Paris, Tokyo, Rio De Janeiro, Montreal, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. (http://artbattle.com/)

    Lettuce focuses on having an inspiring, creative environment where learning from others is encouraged. Lettuce wants to provide a space to artists where they feel respected, inspired, and supported. Encouraging a diverse background of people to apply as artists so that the various voices of Tacoma can be heard. Audience members can also expect special live performances such as spoken word, dance, and live music to grace the Lettuce event with their presence.

    During the 2 hours that the artist is creating their piece, audience members can purchase raffle tickets and place it in the jar next to the piece they wish to win. There will also be tables where artists can sell their previously made art pieces.

    Come thirsty and hungry because local food trucks, breweries, and wineries will add to the event by providing tasty food and beverages!

    Lastly, each month proceeds from the event go towards a charity that is creating positive social or environmental change in Tacoma. January’s proceeds will go towards supporting Operation Keep ‘Em Warm. An organization that helps people who are homeless in Tacoma to have warm clothes, and blankets throughout the year.

    Truly a unique event that promotes the talent of Tacoma. Trust me, you’ll like Tacoma.


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